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Adaptive Strategies for The Open-Pit Mine Optimal Scheduling Problem Michel De Lara, Nelson Moralesy, Nathana el Beekerz June 27, 2017 Abstract Within the mining discipline, mine planning is the component that studies how to


Open pit mine design optimization under uncertainty is one of the most critical and challenging tasks in the mine planning process. This paper describes the implementation of a minimum cut network flow algorithm for the optimal production phase and ultimate pit limit design under commodity price or market uncertainty.

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Application of Surpac and Whittle Software in Open Pit Optimisation and Design* D. M. Akisa and D. Mireku-Gyimah Akisa, D. M. and Mireku-Gyimah, D. (2015), "Application of Surpac and Whittle Software in Open Pit Optimisation and Design", Ghana Mining Journal, Vol. …

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Oct 29, 2018· In the New Pit Shells node, Selling tab assign price $ / t conc and change unit to tonnes, thus we guarantee the optimization of the pits according to the value of the concentrate to be produced and we obtain the family of nested pits for the continuity of the studies of definition of Final pit and strategic long-term planning scenarios.

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GEOVIA Whittle – Pseudoflow Method for Pit Optimization – White Paper 2 Figure 2. A graph representation of pit optimization problem in Figure 1 Maximum Closure and Optimal Pit The precise definition of a pit with valid slopes is termed a "closed set" or "closure". It refers to a set of nodes that have no arcs out of the set.

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GEOVIA Whittle Simultaneous Optimization 3 The user defines blend bins by specifying the grade range for each bin. Note that the bin grade ranges, if incorrectly chosen, will have a significant impact on the optimization. Providing enough blend bins around the sensitive cut-offs is critical to the process. Users generally start

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Ultra-fast Pit Optimiser and LOM Scheduler. ThreeDify FlowPit (FlowPit) is a mine planning software for pit optimization. FlowPit includes a 4D pit optimiser and a multi-pit Life Of Mine (LOM) scheduler based on the industry standard Lerchs-Grossmann's 3D pit optimization algorithm, but with a novel implementation.

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two-dimensional final pit limit optimization [2]. Underwood and Tolwinski presented a mathematical programming for solving the same problem. They developed a network flow algorithm based on the dual to solve the ultimate pit problem [3]. Khalookakei et al. (2000) proposed a windows program for optimal open pit design with variable slope

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Use Minemax Planner as a standalone pit optimizer, or integrate pushback generation and scheduling. Either way, our high-level strategic mine planning and pit optimization software puts a wealth of mine value, mining risk analysis and insights at your fingertips.

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ABSTRACT The concept of pit optimisation and the Lerchs Grossman algorithm are reviewed. The implementation of the algorithm with respect to block models is considered. The concept is extended to solid models. Ore bodies are conceived to be divided into units that have significance to the mining engineer, can be geometrically described (e.g. as irregular polyhedra) and …


M. Asad, S. DessureaultCutoff grade optimization algorithm for open pit mining operations with consideration of dynamic metal price and cost escalation during mine life. Proceedings of the 32nd international symposium on application of computers & operations research in the mineral industry, APCOM, Tucson, Arizona, USA (2005), pp. 273-277.

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May 23, 2017· Pit Optimization is a tested and widely accepted ranking method. Developed in 1965 by Lerchs and Grossman working for IBM, pit optimization was commercialized by Jeff Whittle as Whittle 3D and Whittle 4D, and was introduced into Minex in the early 1990s.

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Open Pit Mine Planning and Design, Two Volume Set & CD-ROM Pack [Hustrulid, William A., Kuchta, Mark, Martin, Randall K.] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Open Pit Mine Planning and Design, Two Volume Set & CD-ROM Pack

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OPTIMIZED OPEN PIT MINE DESIGN, PUSHBACKS AND THE GAP PROBLEM—A REVIEW 511 JOURNAL OF MINING SCIENCE Vol. 50 No. 3 2014 Fig. 3. Graph G with dummy node x0 and arcs added from the dummy node x0 to all other nodes. It is clear from the definition of our graph G that a graph closure in G represents a physically feasible pit, if not, then a block not …

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The most popular and well-developed approach to the ultimate pit limit problem is the Lerchs-Grossmann (LG) algorithm, primarily based on Graph Theory. It was 1964 when Helmut Lerchs and Ingo F. Grossmann presented their algorithm to find the optimum design for an open pit …

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Pit Optimization. A method of precise pit optimization commonly used in the mining industry is the Lerch Grossmann method. The technique, founded in 3-dimensional graph theory, relies on a regular system of blocks which defines the value (profit, loss) and type (ore, waste) of material contained in the blocks.

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A common casualty of modern open-pit mine optimization is the assurance that the resulting design is actually achievable. Optimized mine plans that consider value and a bare minimum of precedence constraints do not, in general, translate into practical, operational mine designs that can be used in the field. Ultimate pits may come to a sharp point at the bottom. Schedules …

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